Maya – The Babe

Hey there. This is the page about baby Maya. And also, the spot where someone types stuff in instead of a baby, truly hoping that that baby would like what they write. Hey, Maya, your mum and dad grabbed the keyboard!

We, as parents, are speaking for Maya now. She is in her first period as a human being, so, some skills are yet to be discovered. Many. Though, inherently, she is one of the most complete persons we now. Extremely truthful about herself, expressing constantly her existence in this world.

Coming to Life

She was born on a rainy morning in Cluj-Napoca, on the 8th of February 2018. After the powerful labor, both Roxana, Maya and Vlad were reunited in just a few hours after birth in the hospital salon to spend their first moment together as a family.

The first few months were a bit more difficult, as Maya got used to this new world she entered with such intensity. But, little by little, laughter after laughter and more tears than you would think possible for such a small body to reverse, she started to feel the peace of our cozy home.

Spring took a bit of time to come to its senses, and Maya started to understand colors, touch, distance and that she could move her body.

Even more, she started to feel a deep connection with us, our parents and started to trust that we are there for her and vice-versa. Growing a human child is a true endeavor, not to be taken lightly, not to taken to dramatic either. Each day has its own challenges, though we believe that our inner selves reflect the calmness and joy Maya enchants us with.

Discovering the World

Photo credit: Ainhoa Morales

The days of summer were full of adventure, as we started to venture on as a family to discover new surroundings, and also to integrate Maya with our friends and lifestyle. Must confess that the car trips with Maya as a passenger and with Roxana as a driver were not the best for a newborn. All three of us have lived intense moments in this context. Being apart from the needed closeness to her mother and also not welcoming the baby car seat, she was expressing this painfully powerful.

In the process of learning a little bit from these first experiments in the car constellation, we have had a few tent adventures in beautiful spots of Romania and we realized that Maya is the most avid explorer of us all.

And that she enjoys perceiving the outer world next to us, in whatever context fits us well – while also protecting her.

Her first flight she took when she was 4 months old, as we set out for Italy, to try out family traveling in a known environment, but also to celebrate our first moments as an official family (we held a small ceremony and a baptize for her). She discovered along with us many parts of Tuscany, mostly by train, seeing spots like Pisa, Florence, Rome, Apuan Alps or Cinque Terre.

Florence walkabout with the little explorer

Moreover, Maya, even not one year old, has been to a few festivals around Romania, like Waha and Smida Jazz. Her music scene is for sure going to expand in the upcoming years.

A happy Maya in action once autumn leaves are becoming play toys


When in Cluj-Napoca, Maya discovers the world next to Frido, a 4 years old dachshund that Roxana had ever since he was 7 weeks old. We sometimes call Frido the elder, quadruped offspring, and I believe he considers himself that, as well. He’s the most loving life companion someone could ask for. He has received the new cub of the pack with a lot of dedication, protection, and maturity.

Frido greeting Maya in the morning

Maya is very much into dogs, for this very reason, and we are sure she misses Frido a lot when we’re on the road – him being back home, with grandma.

If you’re not the reader type, here’s a video with Maya in action. Or, rather said, Vlad in action, and Maya in a beautiful reaction of play and adventure above the sand.

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