The concept – Why are we doing this?

We’ve been thinking about “The Wanderers of Earth” project for more than a year now. It is meant to be an inspiration, for us, for our friends and family, for people who dare to wander.

It’s also a living journal of what we, as citizens of this planet, can discover. As we are both passionate about discovery and novelty, The Wanderers of Earth project really came as an expression of our travels, home and abroad. As a fun insight, the name of this project was created in December 2017, in Malaga, Spain.

The initial wanderers are Roxana, Vlad and our daughter, Maya.

Wanderlust is within us, in so many shapes and sizes

rocks near the dunes of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Roxana has the most wonderful wanderlust of them all, being able to journey far away in the stars or in the microcosmos of nature itself, as art expression forms. She loves to do that in all her inner and outer travels. She’s also a passionate illustration apprentice and an enthusiastic amateur chef.

Vlad has been wishing to explore the world ever since he was old enough to understand the globe. And as he got older, the desire became even more specific – to tour around the world on his motorcycle, Oldrih – a Yamaha XT 660 Z Tenere.

Full of life experiences of all sorts, from riding Oldrih to the Caucaz mountains, to journeying on the Filipino island, Palawan, navigating designer jobs and many other endeavors, this chapter in our life is for sure a unique one.

And even if both of us journeyed alone into the world, it’s our first time doing it with a such a cute little human.

As we are sometimes raising Maya on the road, her upbringing is at the core of our journey. She was born on a cold day in February in Romania. Without even knowing, she has wandered so far on 3 continents. We have been traveling together before that cold day, and ever since.

Discovering rock climbing in Bahia, on a remote beach

Adjusting our life to a few things that fit in 2 backpacks (more than you could imagine). And, even so, we feel like we could have less and less stuff while being in more and more places.

The dream goal of this project is for “the wanderers” members to grow.

Wonder where we are going to wander next. This is captured in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

To become a community that explores life on Earth in an open way, savoring all its beauties, no matter the location. A community that inspires, a community of people that share their travels with all their heart.

The way that we pass on the joys and learnings afterward, with fellow wanderers – or humans who wish to become wanderers –  is the way that we want this project to grow. We live in an era when technology can be our best friend, an era of new nomadism. We can really call ourselves “The Children of Planet Earth” now. We are all wanderers.

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The Wanderers of Earth